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H1N1 drives demand for sanitizer

Lester Finney

December 18, 2009

Junior Derick Moul came into portable B3 class very jittery. "Where's your hand sanitizer?" he asked the teacher. "Are you addicted to hand sanitizer?" asked the teacher. "I am germaphobic," Moul answered. "It started...

If Santa is not bringing you presents, here are some options

Leo Jerald & Christian Olivares

December 18, 2009

   Ho Ho Ho. Santa Claus is coming to Fremont Federation of High Schools and students are making their lists and checking them twice. But for those naughty students who won’t be getting presents from Santa this year, and...

World Cultures lesson on meat industry turns stomach

Jack & Kim Mejia and Jack & Kim Mejia

December 18, 2009

Blood, guts and gore. No, we’re not describing a horror movie. These words describe the documentary Media sophomores viewed in Frank Knight’s World Cultures class on Nov. 19 and 20. The film in question was “Modern Meat,”...

Fremont fitness improves, but 90% still fail one test

Carolyn Saephan, Carolyn Saephan, and Carolyn Saephan

December 16, 2009

There’s good and bad news about Fremont and the California physical fitness test. The good news is more students in the Class of 2012 passed all categories of the fitness test when they were freshmen. The bad news is that...

Swine flu vaccine now available at Tiger Clinic

Monisha Campbell

December 8, 2009

Students can now go  to the Tiger Clinic to get the H1N1 shot. If you are a Kaiser patient then you cannot get it at the clinic, but if you do not have medical insurance you are welcome to go  get it. Even there is a nasal...

‘Defining Twilight’ — A Bummer?

Jack Mejia

September 28, 2009

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years and don’t know what Twilight is, it’s part of a saga coming from the mind of the New York Times bestselling author, Stephanie Meyer. The saga is about a young teenage girl, Bell...

Debate team will argue over poverty solutions

September 18, 2009

The Fremont Federation debate team has started practicing for the first tournament of the season. The team will take on a new topic this year -- should the U.S. Federal Government substantially increase social services to reduce...

Sex, drugs and advice on safe choices

Fuey Saechao & Carolyn Saephan

September 17, 2009

Fremont Federation freshmen will learn more about sex and drugs by the end of the year. For the first time, every freshman at Fremont Federation of High Schools will take courses from the Peer Health Exchange, a program about ...

KTVU returns favor to Media Academy journalists after code switch story

July 13, 2009

Sometimes the professionals follow the amateurs. That's what happened  after Media Academy journalism students wrote about the school's new "code switching" campaign. KTVU saw the newspaper and then showed up to turn the story...

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