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‘Race is in our heads’ say scientists

Leo Jerald

April 27, 2010

Height is more important than race – at least genetically. This surprising fact was one of the many things Media Academy junior Lester Finney learned when he went to a high school journalism conference on Feb. 27 at San Fran...

Marijuana and alcohol use up for teenagers

Lester Finney

April 27, 2010

American teens smoked more marijuana and drank more alcohol last year than they had in any of the previous 10 years. A study by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America released a survey on March 2 about the level of marijuana...

Students juiced about cafeteria smoothies

Paulina Rodriguez & Jaun Ramos

April 21, 2010

Students who crave Jamba Juice at lunch will no longer have to travel off campus to get it or be late back to class. Jamba Juice is coming to Fremont Federation of High Schools next year. The Oakland Unified School District...

Wedding film shows truth

Brandon Sneed

April 21, 2010

“Our Family Wedding” is a realistic but amusing movie about an African American male in a relationship with a Hispanic female.    I should know it's realistic because I am an African American male who has been in a relationship...

Teen Stress: Stop pulling your hair

Paulina Rodriguez

April 20, 2010

Senior projects. College applications. Credit recovery. Two months until independence.  These things are stressing out seniors. For underclassmen, the stress can be just as great.Many seniors who are now stressed might...

Donors choose to help Fremont

Jose Alvarenga

March 9, 2010

Microscopes, science posters and a human mannequin now enhance Kerry Sullivan's physiology classroom at College Preparatory & Architecture Academy – thanks to an organization called Donors Choose. Donors Choose helps teac...

Prom dress giveaway announced

Carolyn Saephan

March 5, 2010

Is money keeping you from going to prom? There are two ways girls from Fremont Federation can get a free prom dress without stressing about it when prom is only around the corner! One way is to visit the Princess Project on March 6 at 1:30 p.m. on 2201 ...

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