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Items remain on FHS ‘to do’ list

June 21, 2013

One year ago when we were introduced to Principal Daniel Hurst, we believed that he would remain the principal for many years to come. However, he recently announced to the staff that he would not be coming back to Fremont next...

Fremont Receives Mixed Grades

January 24, 2013

It's nearly the end of the semester, and the Green & Gold is ready to give our school another report card. This time we look at school spirit, upstanders lunches and our voters. Thanks to the voters, our grades this time...

Low classroom temperatures could be costly to FHS

January 17, 2013

Students at Fremont High School are upset that the temperatures in the classrooms can get as low as 52 degrees and as high as 91 degrees. Just last week, temperatures throughout the 1100 and 1200 hallways were in the 50s during...

Bowling league cancellation another disappointment

January 17, 2013

This year, I've worked hard on my grades just to play sports, but now I can’t even play — not because I did something wrong, not because my coaches or teammates did something wrong, and not because Fremont High did something...

Measure J Would Improve Oakland

Staff Writer

November 5, 2012

Today’s election isn’t only about choosing Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Today, Oakland residents have a chance to help students get a better education. If voters say yes to Measure J, Fremont High School will be rebuilt...

Fremont High gets progress report

October 11, 2012

Six weeks into the redesigned Fremont High School, the Green & Gold has decided to turn the tables on the adults. Instead of students receiving grades, we are grading them on how the school is doing so far. Bell Schedul...

TSA plan overall good, even if unfair for a few

April 2, 2012

Teachers who want to remain at Fremont High School next year must apply for newly created “Teachers on Special Assignment” positions. If they get the job, teachers will have to put in 18 extra days of work in the summer...

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