Teens Plan to Party the Night Away in Masks

Masquerade Themed 2K17 Prom


Fremont High School is hosting their annual 2017 masquerade-themed prom on Friday, May 26. Although it is not mandatory, it is encouraged that students get into the spirit by bringing a mask.

“Prom is going to be really cool,” said Athsia Ramsey, a senior at Fremont High School. “Everybody is going to be there, so it should be fun. All the couples are going to be there dancing and having a good time.”

In preparation for prom, the Oakland Public Education Fund hosted a prom dress giveaway called “Dress By West” at Oakland High School in April. Students signed up online for an appointment to shop from over 1000 dresses, consisting of different designs and sizes ranging from 0-30.

“Although they didn´t have exactly what I was looking for, it was still helpful for me because my parents couldn’t afford anything this year,” said Destiny Shabazz, a student from another OUSD high school.

The clinic has four prom dresses available for students looking to save money. Students should ask around and keep an ear out for more opportunities to score free suits and dresses.

All students attending or thinking about attending this year’s Fremont prom, remember the masquerade themed prom will be held at HS Lordships in Berkeley, CA from 7 p.m. until midnight. One guest is allowed per student, as long as they are under 21 and fill out a form that can be found in the main office.

Tickets for prom will be sold in the main office for the rest of this month. Ticket prices increased in May and are now $80 for a single ticket and $130 for couples ticket. Students with any other questions about prom can speak with the assistant principal, Ms. Baez, in the front office.