If Santa is not bringing you presents, here are some options

   Ho Ho Ho. Santa Claus is coming to Fremont Federation of High Schools and students are making their lists and checking them twice.

But for those naughty students who won’t be getting presents from Santa this year, and who are going to have to buy them for themselves, here are some stores we recommend.

A great place to go for bargains is DD’s Discounts in the Eastmont Mall on 73rd Avenue and Church Street.  FYI: We know a lot of you guys shop there so don’t act brand new, it’s good.

We recommend this store because there are good selections of clothes for a very reasonable price. Unfortunately, when we called to get some of their best deals, the manager said he was too busy.

For all you rich kids who don’t care about prices, there are stores like Forever 21, Macy’s and Champs. But even there, you can get bargains. 

Forever 21 offers inexpensive items like a fab party sequin dress for $7.  The store also offers a brand new houndstooth DB jacket for $37.80 for ladies or a nice pair of Kathy holiday peep toe heels for $20.80.

For the gentlemen, Macy’s is offering clubroom sweaters that were originally $60, now cut down to $30.

And Champs has NFL 09 player caps for men, originally $24.99, now $19.99.