Wedding film shows truth

“Our Family Wedding” is a realistic but amusing movie about an African American male in a relationship with a Hispanic female.   

I should know it’s realistic because I am an African American male who has been in a relationship with a Hispanic female for almost a year now.

The movie, a comedy/romance directed by Rick Famuyiwa, stars America Ferrera as Lucia and Lance Gross as Marcus.

I went to see the film on March 21 with my girlfriend and we had lots to talk about after the 90-minute movie.

We both related to the cultural clash between the two families..

As the interracial couple tried to plan out their wedding and deal with their family differences, my girlfriend and I found ourselves lightly disputing which traditions we would want in our “future wedding.”

Just like Marcus in the film, I did not know Hispanic families had so many wedding traditions.  And I felt some of them – such as bringing in a live goat to the wedding celebrations – were very strange.

My girlfriend explained that the goat would be slaughtered and made into a Mexican dish called birria. I am not sure about that one.

Another tradition in the movie that was very interesting to me was when the Hispanics danced in a long line or a snake form at the reception. This is one tradition I would have no problem adopting.

But one wedding tradition in the film that still makes me nervous is the one that involves the bride’s friends and family throwing the groom up in the air. I’m nervous because I’m a heavyset guy; I think they wouldn’t catch me.

Both my girlfriend and I agreed that the “lasso” tradition is one we would like to have if we get married.  I learned from the movie that the Mexicans place a rosary in a figure-eight shape around the necks of the bride and groom after they say their vows.

Black traditions in the movie I could not really connect to. The film characters talked about the Negro Nation Anthem and jumping the broom. I’ve never heard of those.

On the other hand, I could definitely connect to the Black music and the food in the film – these are traditions my girlfiend is cool with.

The other part of the film that got us laughing and talking was how the dating relationship went. We could relate.

Lucia’s father was at first angry because she did not tell him about her Black boyfriend. My girlfriend did not tell her father either and when he saw us show affection for the first time, he got angry and he punched his car radio when he came to pick her up. My girlfriend’s mom was relatively ok with our relationship.

Unlike in the movie, my family members who know about my Hispanic girlfriend are fine with it.

In “Our Family Wedding,” the Hispanic side of the family made fun of on how the new couple’s children would look. My girlfriend’s family did the same thing.

If you are in an interracial relationship, you will probably have connections and fun watching “Our Family Wedding.” But even if you’re not, you’ll still find the movie worth the money and you’ll learn something about another culture.