For Hello Kitty lovers, this store is heaven

If you are a big fan of Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters, then San Francisco Japantown’s Sanrio store is the place to be.

The store, located 1737 Post Street, #315, is filled with all the types of things you need or want in everyday life, from electronics and utensils to school supplies and other random items. And on every item, you’ll find a Hello Kitty or other Sanrio character.

When I went to the store during a field trip on Friday Oct 1, I spent about $30. I bought Hello Kitty stickers, a lanyard and a coffee mug. There was a special deal that day — if you spent $30 or more, you could receive a free gift. I got a Hello Kitty collectable phone charm that I think is really cute.

I love the Sanrio store because it has everything that I wanted. It is also really pink, and pink is one of my favorite colors.