Fremont cafeteria manager rewarded


LAWANA WYATT — Fremont Cafeteria Manager

Fremont’s cafeteria manager has been recognized with a School Site Excellence Award.

Lawana Wyatt received her award during Oakland Unified School District’s Employee Recognition Ceremony, which was held Dec. 1 at the Scottish Rite Center. Thirty-six district employees were honored, including principals, teachers, custodians and school police.

“Out of 200 people [in her job category], I was picked. I feel excited to work for Fremont Federation,” said Wyatt.

Wyatt’s friends and co-workers, including cafeteria employees, accompanied her to the ceremony.

“She was very deserving,” said Sherry Carpenter, the food service field supervisor for Fremont. “She cares a lot about the students.”

Wyatt’s extensive work at Fremont was praised, particularly how she handled the school’s recently imposed closed campus lunch policy.

“[The district] told me we’d have closed campus lunch 30 days before school started,” said Wyatt.

Wyatt says she takes pride in her work helping serve the Federation’s students every day. However, she acknowledges recognition for cafeteria workers hasn’t been common in the past.

“At one point, no one ever recognized the food service employees,” she said. “We were always treated like we weren’t here [when it came to] awards.”

But that has changed—and Wyatt thinks it is for the better.

“It’s important to recognize us because we come to work [and] work hard,” said Wyatt. “Now I have a glass plaque with my name on it.”