Henna — Skin art, no needles necessary

Shima Kaid, a Media Academy junior, wears her fashion on her skin without the use of needles.

She wears something called henna, also known as Arabian tattoo. It is worn temporarily and can be washed away with two to three weeks but, it can also be washed off seconds after applied to skin. Colors are usually black and dark red.

There are hundreds of stencil designs that are brought to the United States from the Middle East, explained Kaid.

Kaid gets her stencils from family members to visiting from Yemen.

Henna comes from a Mignonette Tree (Lawsonia Inermis) in the eastern hemisphere. It starts off as bresa herbal Henna powder and is mixed with water until it becomes clay type, then wait until its dry and place it along with the design that is desired.

Henna is mostly worn during special events such as weddings or parties.

“In my family, we just do it mostly for parties,” said Kaid.

Although school isn’t much of a “party,” Kaid still wears henna during school.

“I think it looks good,” said Kaid.