Project SOAR to release “Class of 2011” Poetry Anthology

Project SOAR to release Class of 2011 Poetry Anthology

California State University East Bay’s Project SOAR II, along with Barnes and Noble Booksellers, have given opportunities for students in the Class of 2011  to share the poetry in a second anthology “Voices of the Future.”

Together, they will be hosting a book release event at Barnes and Noble in Emeryville from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 12. 

Project SOAR is offering all students published in the 2011 edition a free copy of the second  if they are in attendance at the event.

Chaiquis Stephens, senior from Mandela High School of Fremont Federation, won fifth place in the poetry competition. She will be presenting at the Class of 2011 Event according to Project SOAR II counselor Art Scott.  

“All the students in the 12th grade had the opportunity to enter a poem,” Scott stated.

Twenty-five seniors from the Fremont Federation entered poem in the previous contest; one from Mandela Academy, two from Media Academy and the remaining from College Preparatory & Architecture Academy.

Barnes and Noble is located at 5604 Bay Street in Emeryville.