Seniors SOAR to University of the Pacific


Seniors who traveled to the University of the Pacific learned they have the option to still apply to this private school.

About 50 students from five high schools in Oakland went to the University of the Pacific in Stockton on Feb. 10 in a field trip sponsored by Project SOAR.

The University of the Pacific has three campuses. One is located in Sacramento, another in San Francisco, and the main one in Stockton. The school is ranked among the top 100 universities in the nation, the students learned.

Project SOAR organizers said the intention was for seniors to see themselves in college.

Seniors from Fremont Federation of High Schools, Oakland Technical High, McClymonds High, Castlemont Community of Small Schools and Skyline High attended.

Once at the university, students gathered to hear an admissions presentation and eat before being separated into small groups for tours.

The University of the Pacific is a private school that guarantees its students will graduate in four years.

One difference between this school and larger, public universities is that University of tje Pacific has small classes. The maximum size of a class is 18 students. This means that students can get individual help from their professors, the tour guides told the Oakland students.

The admissions representative said that students get experience and career preparation by doing internships.  

University of the Pacific also offers Division I sports, club sports, a movie theater and a fitness center with indoor rock climbing facilities.

Emanuel Villareal, a senior at Skyline, said he really enjoyed the campus.

“It is really nice because it reminds me of my school due to all of the trees around the campus,” said Villareal.

Mercedes Flores, a senior at Castlemont, also liked the setting.

“The campus is very nice because of all the nature around, like the trees,” said Flores.

Ana Exta, who is a student at Pacific, gave the seniors of Fremont a tour.

She mentioned that a nurse line is available 24-hours-a-day just in case if students need assistance with any medical issues.

Exta also pointed out the house of the president of the university.

President Pamela Eibeck encourages students to go to her office if they need help in any way, Exta explained. At times, Eibeck opens her house to students and sometimes  takes a walk around campus.  

Burns Tower caught the attention of many students. This tower used to store water before modern plumbing was installed back in the day.

However, now the tower doesn’t contain water, and the school doesn’t want to take down the tower because of its beautiful glass windows.

Claudia Alvarez, a senior at Media Academy, was delighted when she first saw Burns Tower.

“It is very unique and tall, it is incredible that it use to be full of water,” said Alvarez.

Hollywood has even headed to Pacific to record some movies, including one of the Indiana Jones films.

“One time they even filmed a fake riot in campus and paid students just to show up,” said Exta.