Siarny moves from East Coast to West Coast to teach


She was an opera singer and now she teaches social studies at Media Academy.

Elizabeth Siarny was born in Chicago and lived in Washington D.C for four years. She is the youngest of four children; three brothers and a sister who passed away a few years ago.

Siarny teaches Street Law, American Government and World History to Media students.

Media Academy is not Siarny’s first teaching job. She taught high school students at Theodore Roosevelt Senior High in Washington D.C. before she came to the Bay Area.

“I was tired of living in Washington D.C., so I decided to try out something new and move to California, following my boyfriend who got a job out here,” said Siarny.

Siarny said she wants every single Media Academy student to have the opportunity to go to college and wants them to write and speak Academic English.

During her free time, Siarny likes reading  fantasy literature, running, walking her dog, playing board games and singing musical theater and opera.

Siarny started taking singing lessons in high school.

“I’m a really geeky and nerdy person. When I was in high school, I used to hang out with all the musicals and theater kids,” said Siarny.

Siarny attended University of Chicago and participated in a choir there.