Leadership wants youth voices in new school planning

They offer free tacos during football rallies and free hot dogs to promote after-school programs.
And this year they will be helping students get a voice in planning what the campus should be like when Fremont’s three schools merge into one.
“They” are members of the Leadership Club and Leadership class.
Yadira Robles, a senior at College Preparatory & Architecture Academy, loves being in Leadership.
“You’re more informed about school events and you also get a voice in planning them,” she said.
Robles said Leadership is a good program because “if you don’t like something, you get to change it.”
The teacher of Leadership Class and club is Nidya Baez.
“Leadership is when students are taking action,” she said.
Baez was once a student at Fremont High School. After she graduated from college, she returned to Oakland to work with others in creating Youth Empowerment School. That school closed at the end of last school year because of declining enrollment, leading Baez to come back to support Fremont.
Her timing was good.
“Because Fremont is going to become one big school, all students’ voices need to be heard,” said Baez, adding that another goal for her is “to give Fremont that big family vibe.”
Also serving as a college and career coordinator, Baez supports the College Summit Peer Leaders program and offers help to students who drop in the Den to learn about colleges.
Baez says she believes one of the challenges Leadership students will face is helping the campus come together as one.
“When Fremont does combine, Leadership wants to be there to help students adjust to the change of a big school.”

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Leadership events: Spirit Week

Nov. 7 — Twin Day

Nov. 8 — Urkel Day (Nerd Day)

Nov. 9 — Wacky Tacky Day

Nov. 10 — Green & Gold Day

Nov. 12 — Homecoming game vs. Castlemont