Students now in business


Selling spirit: CPAA seniors Stephanie Quiñones and Yadira Robles organize the student store, which sells T-shirts, pom-poms and more. They are part of the Leadership class, which started the store.

Prom should run smoothly and be more affordable if fundraising through a new student store is successful, Leadership officials say.

The Leadership class has started to sell “spirit wear,” including Fremont hoodies, beanies, scarves, lanyards and school IDs to reduce the cost of prom.

The store is located in the cafeteria by the auditorium in a space previously used for a school bank. It will now known as the student store.

The Tiger Clinic’s Wellness Committee helped Leadership come up with the idea to sell merchandise with the school name on it.

According to Leadership coordinator Nidya Baez, the student store proceeds will pay for activities like senior field trips and to restock the store.

“The student store will increase students’ pride in their school,” said Baez.

Students who are athletes, on honor roll or have perfect attendance can receive discounts once a marking period of about 10 percent.

“It will encourage students to do well,” said Baez.

Fremont students are planning to take advantage of the student store by purchasing spirit wear.

“If we all participate [in buying products from the store], then we will have a lot of school spirit and pride. We will be a better school if we all participate,” said Media Academy senior Mariah Hines, who plans to buy some spirit wear.


The new revenue for prom has many excited as they make plans for an event cheaper and more convenient than last year’s.

The starting price for prom tickets is $45 for a single ticket, according to Baez. Couple tickets start at $90. In the beginning of January, prices will go up.

Last year prices were $50 per person and $100 for couples.

Instead of being held at the San Francisco Hilton like last year, the 2012 prom will be held at the Concord Hilton.

The prom theme had not been decided at press time.

Another change is the date — prom is usually held in May, but this year’s prom is scheduled for April 28. That was the only day the Concord Hilton was available, Baez explained.

Reaction to the earlier prom date is mixed among Fremont students.

“I feel like prom shouldn’t be so early because it’s not gonna ‘smack’ as hard,” said College Preparatory & Architecture Academy senior Latrail White. “Fremont would be the only school in April having prom while everyone’s is in May,”

The earlier date is good news for some students, including Media Academy junior Aaliyah Kerr.

“Having prom early is a good thing because it’s right after spring break, so every one gets to see each other at their best,” she said.

By having prom at the Concord Hilton, students can park closer to the facility, Baez said.

“Parking in San Francisco was a pain last year,” said Baez.

But transportation may still be a issue for some.

“The location should be closer,” said Mandela Academy senior Thai Vo. “Some people may not be familiar to the area.”