Student thrives, earns 4.0 GPA in big turnaround


Driven to excel: Media Academy senior Sandra Felix went from 0.5 GPA to being on the honor roll.

At Media Academy, 19 out of 100 students on the honor roll received 4.0s for the first marking period. Many of them were used to getting high grades in school.

But one of them never imagined she would be on the honor roll, let alone be with a 4.0 GPA. That student is Sandra Felix. She is a senior who has made a big turnaround since her freshman year. It was the first time ever that Felix earned straight A’s in her three years of high school.

When Felix started high school, she said she wasn’t doing her best in school. She had a grade point average of 0.5 her whole freshman year.

Felix didn’t get in trouble often during her freshman year, but cutting school definitely had a huge effect on her GPA.

“I cut school because I hated school,” said Felix. “I didn’t care and I wasn’t thinking right. I wasn’t thinking about what I wanted to do in the future as a career.”

Teachers are pleased to see the change and remember the way Felix used to be.

“Sandra has always been a very thoughtful and sweet young lady, but I remember that [when she was] a freshman, I would see her maybe once a week or twice,” said English teacher Candice Valenzuela. “She wasn’t focused, her mind was on parties, or whatever was going on at home.”

“I’m trying to graduate and go to a four-year college, I want to go to San Diego State and major in nursing,” she said. “I want to be a nurse because I like the medical field and I think it’s for me.”

Felix plans to keep up with her good grades during the whole school year. Graduation is her motivation.

In order to graduate, she has to make up classes. She is currently in the process of making up English 2 with teacher Sonja Totten-Harris.

“She’s just step, by step, by step, understanding that things are serious and that she can make it happen if she wants to,” said Totten-Harris. “It’s nice sometimes to have seniors, especially in freshman classes because it’s sort of like a reminder, ‘Hey freshmen, if you don’t pay attention, you might have to repeat the class.'”

Felix has some words of advice for the freshmen this year who are walking the same path she did three years ago.

“Get at least a C because you don’t know how bad it will affect you three years from now,” Felix said. “You won’t have to make up your classes.”