Fremont students form Asian Student Union

Fremont students form Asian Student Union

For years, the Black Student Union has put on assemblies and special events for African American History month as part of their calendar of activities. La Raza has sponsored assemblies, guest speakers, food sales and Cinco de Mayo events.

But the third largest racial group on campus has not had an organization focusing on the cultures associated with it.

That has changed this year with the start of the Asian Student Union, or ASU. About 10 percent of Fremont considers themselves of Asian background, but many others are interested in the culture.

The group has meetings every Tuesday in Room 3209 of the Architecture Academy.

On those days, about 20 members gather to make plans and think of ideas for fundraising.

English teacher Johanna Paraiso is the faculty moderator of the union. Co-presidents are Audrina Hua of Mandela Academy and Samantha Saephan of Architecture Academy.

Hua says it is interesting how the group learns something new each time they meet.

Saephan and Hua’s biggest goal for this school year fund raise to pay for activities such as cultural events, Asian pride gear and possibly a field trip.

Paraiso said that selling food is challenging in terms of logistics. She emphasized that beyond food, there are other aspects of culture the group would like to promote.

Both students and parents are involved in the union. Danich Ho, a sophomore, is a member of the Asian Student Union and has been cooperating with food, which sometimes her mother cooks. Ho says that they have been getting around 30 people each day that they host a fundraiser. Fundraisers take place in Room 3209.

Members added that the union is not only for Asians — everyone is welcome to come and participate.

“We consider all of the students family and would love to share the delicious food of our culture with them,” said Paraiso.“It is a good way to make money because many people on campus love a quick bite and something refreshing at lunch. Our ‘Got Rice’ bowls and ice teas have sold very well.”

Senior Eric Medrano has been helping by advertising the ASU, he spreads the word in all of his classes. His goal is to keep the funding going and help the ASU grow this year and next year.