Try something new: Ethiopian

Try something new: Ethiopian

When my journalism teacher asked who wanted to visit an Ethiopian restaurant with her, I did not know whether to say yes.

I had no idea what Ethiopian food would taste like, but I decided to go after my friend Alondra Alvarado advised me to try it.

We visited The Red Sea, 5200 Claremont Ave., on Dec. 6 with teacher Lisa Shafer.

We ended up ordering the house combo, ($34.99), after we saw the people at the next table eating a huge platter of different types of food.

It turned out to be a combination of vegetarian dishes and meats. It had chicken, lamb, beef, shrimp alicha, spinach and peas. We ate a lot and had enough left over for another person. You might even be able to split it five ways.

We ate the food with injera, a Ethiopian version of tortillas. The injera was placed on the bottom of the platter and we also each received our own piece to use as a eating utensil. The injera was spongy and had a sour to a salty taste.

The meats tasted a lot like my mom’s Mexican cooking. I would have preferred tortillas.

For dessert, we ordered a cappuccino mousse cake for $3.25. It was very delicious.

I was very satisfied with the taste of the food, even though it was something very different. I would give the restaurant a four out of five because it was really good and tasty.