Teachers tell about Cupid past

February is known as the month of love, and people celebrate it all around the world. It is very interesting to see how many Fremont teachers celebrated their Valentine’s day during their high school years.

Rosaura Rodriguez, the school secretary, said she would get a group together and go out Valentine’s day night.

“We went on a boat cruise in San Francisco. My date had candles all over the place, it was very romantic,” said Rodriguez

Rodriguez added that now that she is married she doesn’t get anything, but in high school she would get gifts and candy all the time.

“The perfect Valentines date is leaving the kids at daycare and going out with my husband to dinner,” said Rodriguez.

History teacher Richard Charlesworth remembers getting a candygram from a secret admirer,

“I kind of had a suspicion of who it was,” said Charlesworth.

Charlesworth really didn’t celebrate Valentine’s day during high school, but did start celebrating it during college.

Algebra teacher Beth Suddreth went to Ashbrook High School in the state of North Carolina.

“I remember some details […] I got a big teddy bear,” said Suddreth. Then she added, “I did have a sweetheart in high school. It was a boy who went to a private high school across town from my public school.”

Suddreth also remembers her middle school Valentine’s day dance, where she had her first slow dance. Suddreth said she felt so “grown up.”

Suddreth advises that for Valentine’s day you drop everything else you have going on for the evening, and just spend time with someone who is very special to you.