Blanca Silva writes books

Blanca Silva is not like most other sophomores at Fremont High.  She is writing book about her life and some teen fiction and non-fiction.

Silva spoke about writing books during interview in Media Studies on Feb. 24.

”I like to write book because it’s my own little world I can escape from the real world,” said Silva.

When you enter class, you will see her writing on a piece of paper on typing on her phone. She has been writing some of her stories on an app that is called Wattpad.

“I love that am the only sophomore in Fremont High that is writing books,” said Silva.

She had 60 people reading one of her stories and she is going to make more as she enjoys that people like her ideas and stories.  Silva is actually writing a book called “My Life” and that she is going to try to finish it.

Silva writes 24/7, she is able to write eight pages in an hour and a half.

“I know with experience and from what I have seen, Blanca is going to be a wonder writer and one of a kind,” said Lisa Shafer, her journalism teacher.