Flores has Cesar Chavez connection

Dhan Flores is not like most other sophomores at Fremont High. Her great grandparents were close friends with Cesar Chavez.

 Flores spoke about how her great grandparents were close friends with Cesar Chavez during interviews in Media Studies on Feb. 24.

“I sat down with my great grandparents and asked them about their past lives which considered being friends with Cesar Chavez,” Flores said.

Since her great grandfather was a boxer, he got to travel the world and get the experience to meet Chavez. Her grandfather explained how he got to know Chavez on a deeper level by traveling and having visits with him before Chavez’s passing.

She said once her grandfather and Chavez got know each other they was like the best of buddies. Flores’ grandfather and Chavez also clicked over both being married in San Jose.

“It was a beautiful experience to learn about my grandfather’s past life and how he met Cesar Chavez,” said Flores. “I got to know more than before about him by asking my great grandparents questions.”

“Now that I know more about Cesar Chavez, I look at him differently,” said Flores.