Mcrea travels to Nicaragua

Gabriel Mcrea is not like most other sophomores at Fremont High. He has visited Nicaragua.

Mcrea spoke about visiting Nicaragua during interviews in Media Studies on Feb.19

“The part that i visited was poor, small and hot,” said Mcrea

People usually visit nice fancy places when they travel but Mcrea and his family decided to do it differently. When people go out of state on vacations they usually stay at a resorts and do all type of fun things, but Mcrea and his family spent their time at a relative’s home and enjoyed walks on occasions.

Not only has Mcrea visited Nicaragua, he also has 10-12 family members there.

“If I do go back to Nicaragua, i’ll go to visit my family,” said Mcrea.

Many people confuse Nicaragua and Mexico.

“I feel like once people get to know about us, they’ll know the difference,” said Mcrea.