Tieng likes to take selfies

Anastasia Tieng is not like most other sophomores at Fremont High. She likes to take pics every day.

Tieng spoke about taking pictures every day during interviews in Media Studies on Feb. 24.

“I’m photogenic and it’s a thing to do … selfie all day,” said Tieng.

She takes 20-30 pictures a day depending on  if she likes the pictures. She takes her pictures everywhere. Last time she took a picture was today during lunch.

Tieng likes pictures because they make memories. She posts two to three pictures on Instagram a day. A nice picture is anything with her in it.

“When you look at a picture, you can remember what happened that day,” said Tieng.

Tieng likes that she can check herself out on the pictures. She believes taking pictures is addictive.

“You should already know selfie gang,” said Tieng.