Jessica Quinn completes first semester as Fremont bio teacher

Jessica Quinn is a new Biology teacher at Fremont High School.

Jessica Quinn is a new Biology teacher at Fremont High School.

She said she is a nerd and loves being one.

She is Jessica Quinn, a new Biology teacher at Fremont High School.

‘’This is my first year full-time teaching,” said Quinn.

Quinn had been teaching health classes around the Oakland Unified School District.

She went to Albany High School and reflected on the type of student she was.

‘’I was a nerd,” she said. “I was a bit of a class clown, but I think teachers still enjoyed having me there.”

She also played soccer, and ran track and cross country for four years.

‘’So I guess you could say I was a nerdy athlete,’’ said Quinn.

Quinn said she loves teaching.

‘’Connecting with people is the most important thing in life for me, and connecting with my students makes me feel fulfilled,’’ she said. ‘’Teaching is an insane profession. It is a huge amount of work, and students can drive me crazy sometimes but at the end of the day, I love my students and that makes everything worth it.”

Quinn said had an interview at Fremont last year and right away had a good vibe.

‘’After that experience, I already felt like Fremont was my home, so I accepted the position!’’

Quinn went to University of California, Berkeley. ‘’Go Bears!’’ she said.

Mensha Hill,a junior in the Media Academy, said he thinks Quinn is a good teacher.

“She never yells and always has a nice and fun way of teaching,’’ said Hill.