Joseph Notaro Joins Fremont High School

Joseph Notaro is a new math teacher at Fremont High School.

Joseph Notaro is a new math teacher at Fremont High School.

New students? New school? New challenges? This might sound like a first day at a new school for you, but actually it’s a new school year for a new teacher at Fremont.

Joseph Notaro is a new math teacher at Fremont, and Fremont has brought him new challenges and experiences. For example, Notaro said it was hard at the beginning of the school year.

“I was still learning who you guys were, in math and your personalities. However, I really love working with you guys, now that I know students more. I am really happy to work at Fremont, ” he said.

Notaro has been in the Bay Area for six years, but grew up in Long Island, New York. He has been a teacher for two years, this year being his second. He teaches Algebra 2 and Geometry Success.

Before becoming a teacher, Notaro worked in social services.

Notaro met some members of Fremont’s staff and felt a strong community feeling from the former administration and from Nidya Baez, the school community manager.

“I felt like Fremont was a place where the administration and teachers were supportive of students and (they) spoke so highly of what you guys could do as a community,” said Notaro.

Outside of teaching, Notaro enjoys food. He enjoys food in any way, like cooking, eating, or even growing his own food. He has also started to explore computer science.

He also has a lighter side.

“I love cartoons,” said Notaro. “It’s my way of zoning out.”

Natalie Guzman who has Notaro as an algebra teacher, said she enjoys Notaro’s class.

She said when they worked on a class project together, he was very resourceful, and helpful.

“His way of teaching is very simple and easy to understand,” she said.