Bernie Sanders wins Fremont High staff poll

Trump scores no votes but lots of criticism


Bernie Sanders has the most support from Fremont staff who took a recent survey.

If the staff at Fremont High School chose the president of the United States, Bernie Sanders would win.

“Bernie Sanders, love ‘em. Best candidate, by far,” said Maya Shweiky, an English and debate teacher.

Sanders picked up 44 percent of the vote in a survey given by the Green & Gold in early March. Sixteen staff members answered the online questions about the 2016 election.

While Sanders grabbed seven votes, Hillary Clinton captured five votes, or 32 percent of the total. Another two, or 13 percent, said they were undecided. One person chose Marco Rubio, a Republican who has since dropped out of the race.

Not one person said they would vote for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, the Republican frontrunners for their party’s nomination. The top Republican and top Democrat will be picked this summer during two separate conventions. Those nominees then will go head-to-head in November to become the 47th president.

While only one Fremont staff member chose a Republican candidate, many voiced big concerns over those running for the GOP nomination.

“Donald Trump is a joke; he’s misogynist and a racist. He wants to be a dictator and doesn’t understand that our country is a democracy and that our government has system of checks and balances,” answered one staff member.

Another staff member said this about the race: “(I am) scared of any Republican taking us back to the stone age, but particularly worried about Trump.”

Fremont staff were allowed to give their names on the survey if they wanted to, but only three chose to identify themselves.

“I am a big supporter of Bernie Sanders in supporting criminal justice reform, universal healthcare, and free public education for all people in the United States,” said Joey Notaro, a math teacher. “I also believe that Donald Trump is a demagogue and fascist who if elected, would unravel the social contract that is the foundation of our entire representative government.”

English teacher Josh Swanson said he is concerned that so many people support Trump.

“Out of 100 million+ candidates these are the best we as a nation can come up with? However, the xenophobia and bigotry coming from one Donald Trump is frightening is that these have propelled him to be a lead candidate, gaining wide support from all over the country,” said Swanson.

Of the 16 staff members who answered the survey, 13, or 75 percent, said they were Democrats. Three staff members said they were Independents and one staff member did not state a political party. In California, 43.7 percent of registered voters are Democrats and 30 percent are Republicans, meaning Fremont staff is disproportionately Democratic.

Asked whether they thought President Obama had been productive as a president, most staff members gave him positive grades.

“I believe that President Obama improved employment rates and kept us safe. Built good relationships with other countries,” wrote one staff member, who also chose Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton as a preferred successor for Obama.

Another survey taker praised Obama for “keeping the economy from completely collapsing and improving healthcare access to all U.S. citizens.”

But there also was some disappointment in the reaction to Obama’s job performance and accomplishments.

“He should not be praised so highly, nor should be reprimanded, I don’t think it’s a keystone presidency, but only history will tell the true impact of these past 8 years,” said an unknown staff member who is in favor of Bernie Sanders.