Students feel safe in La Clinica

Wendy Mora
Dr. Paul Gutierrez and Medical Assistant Marina help students in La Clinica.

Students at Fremont High School have a health center where they can get the services they need.

La Clinica is open during and after school Monday through Friday to help students with health problems, and they also offer counseling.

Everything that happens in La Clinica is confidential.  

Many students consider La Clinica a safe place to get the services they need. “I can trust the clinic because I know the clinic is there to help the students and they are in a safe environment to get help,” said Guadalupe Ramirez, a Senior at Fremont High School who gets services from the Clinic.

La Clinica de La Raza started as a storefront in 1971 to provide free medical services to the community. In 2015, La Clinica had over 40 sites, including Fremont’s clinic, and was conducting over 370,000 appointments.

At Fremont, La Clinica provides a variety of services for students, such as sex education to inform students about how to stay safe while sexually active, and counseling. Students that have past trauma can get help to overcome the trauma. La Clinica also offers free health services like physicals for students who play sports and health plans for students and families that do not have health insurance.

Students feel safe at school knowing there is a clinic inside school. “I feel like I can go in La Clinica and get the help that I need,” Ramirez said. “There are a lot of students in Fremont High School that do not have health plans and having the clinic in school is a big advantage.”

Teachers also believe La Clinica is important for students to have on campus. “La Clinica is a huge asset to our school,” senior English teacher Johanna Paraiso said. “The clinic is there to help the students. It’s one of those resources that students can get services that they might not be able to get.”