Melrose Library Branch Benefits Fremont Students

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Many students at Fremont High School don’t know about the resources that the Melrose Branch Oakland Public Library has to offer. We went to investigate all the benefits that this library can offer you. For example, they can help you to do your homework. They also have computers that you can use and books that you can borrow. They also have books that you can take home for free.  


The Melrose Library is located at 4805 Foothill Blvd.


The stairwell up to the main part of the library.



There are many types of books to choose from. You can choose whichever book you like.



You can use computers to finish your homework or also have fun.


You can borrow reference books from any subject that you need help with.


The Melrose Branch Library has books in many languages, including Spanish.


You can also grab a book, read it quietly and relax.