Media Academy classmates face off to checkmate

Media Academy began its elective program on March 17, allowing students to choose their advisory period class for the next six weeks.

Students had many choices as to which elective they could attend ranging from Japanese culture by teacher Lisa Shafer to Tahitian dance taught by fellow student Aleanna Santos.

For my elective, I chose Chess, taught by Eric Dubois, Media Academy case manager.

Chess takes place in the cafeteria and allows students to face off in the classic board game. The aim of chess class is to teach students the basics of the game and how to become a proficient player.

In my first match of the class, I faced Tony Tran, a Media Academy junior. In a heated battle, I prevailed winning the match. Then I played a game against Matthew Pork, another Media Academy junior. Due to his inexperience, I once again found myself winning a match.

The first day of chess went well for both advanced and beginner players with everyone having fun.