Persepolis is a great movie

Film focuses on Iranian girl coming of age during revolution and war


The movie “Persepolis” is a great educational animated movie based on true events. Yet it’s not like a Pixar cartoon movie.

“Persepolis” is about the life of a young girl from Iran, Marjane Satrapi. She is the main character in the movie, narrator, and author of the two graphic novels “Persepolis” and “Persepolis II.” This movie will show you how the life of a young girl from Iran is not much different to an American girl’s life.  It take place 1970s-1980s in Iran during a civil war and then a foreign war.  Politically, the Shah (president of Iran) was not being fair to the people because he was being corrupt. They overthrew him and then things got even worse for the common people of Iran.

Marjane is an outspoken girl as evidenced by the way she thinks very open-mindedly, the way she speaks what she thinks, and her actions. Lots of American girls can relate to her because at some point you go through these “phases” as a teen. Like everyone else, Marjane goes through these phases and experiences many of the same things that any American girl goes through.  For example,  she goes through boyfriend problems like most girls by now have gone through.  To see this, you can actually think,  “Oh, I went through that too.”

High school students should watch this movie.  Some stereotypes held by American teens about Middle Eastern people can go away and American teens can connect to this girl as people.  Teens should first read the books and then watch the movie to have a better understanding of what is going on.

This movie is different compared to Pixar and Disney films because it has a real event and the language is very explicit.  I liked that it was animated. With real actors, it would have been boring.

This is a good film for world history students to watch because it has historical context and a bit of entertainment. Students can know that the veil is something recent in Iran and the rules for women to wear it were established by fundamentalist leaders that took over Iran.

I give this movie a five stars out of five. I’d say go buy it or rent it and watch it.