Pokemon Sun and Moon game review

Nintendo releases new generation of Pokemon

Pokemon trainers all around were very hyped when Nintendo introduced the new seventh generation to the Pokemon franchise—Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The game features a whole new region, called the ”Alola region,” with an entirely different adventure that awaited the player. Not only that, but a whole new roster of Pokemon are waiting to be caught and added to the Pokedex as well.

One feature that totally differs from previous titles is the all-new, stylish battle technique, called “Z-moves,” in which the trainer dishes out an epic pose to power up the Pokemon to unleash a devastating attack. There varies many types of Z-moves as well as moves exclusive to certain Pokemon. Also coming with “Alolan forms” are some Pokemon we all know and love in some previous generations, make a comeback with designs that even change their types altogether.

Overall, I myself have to say that this is a very intriguing set showing how Pokemon in general has changed. From gameplay to graphics, this is one of the most wanted games you should play for sure. My first playthrough of the game was magnificent.

Pokemon Trainers old and new will surely enjoy this new adventure in the waits. I would give this title an 8.5/10.


  • Rotom makes silly yet funny comments the whole adventure
  • First starting up the game, you are greeted by an amazing newly animated animation
  • The diversity of 4 skin colors for the trainer to choose
  • Huge graphical differences from previous Pokemon titles
  • A real new breath of fresh air for a new pokemon game
  • Animation of characters movements reacts to the environment really well.
  • Landscape sound differences when walking
  • Really satisfying way you receive your starter pokemon
  • Awesome exotic soundtrack
  • A lot of new features for battles
  • Z-moves are an absolute blast (literally)
  • Lots to do after story


  • Double battles have some slow frame rate issues sometimes when pokemon attack
  • Stuck with only one expression on your Trainer(Blank Stare)
  • Teams motives were a bit questionable this generation