Strawberries, not ice cream

Strawberries, not ice cream

Oscar Rodriguez, a 4th grader, reaches out to pay for his strawberries at the Produce Market

I just got back from one of the Oakland fresh School Produce Markets and saw some really amazing wholesome choices that elementary school kids made. The produce market, located outside of Global Family School, has many great fruit, vegetables, nuts and even eggs.

The market manager, Ally DeArman, was serving the elementary kids and it was really nice to see that they would rather choose strawberries over candy bars.

Before there was a produce market, Ally mentioned that every day there would be an ice cream truck parked outside of the school, and many students would go to it right away to purchase ice cream or an unhealthy snack. So now that there is a produce market, some students still go to the ice cream truck, but there are a growing number who instead buy fruits or veggies at the market.

While I was at the market, Oscar Rodriguez, a 4th grader, walked out of school with his whole class and ran right away to the produce market to buy some strawberries. I noticed that not only was Ally providing Oscar and his friends with help with their purchases, but she even helped them with their math.  As Oscar paid for the strawberries, she asked him how much money he would get back if the strawberries were 50 cents and he paid with a dollar.

I interviewed Oscar after his purchase and he told me,  “When my dad gets paid, he gives me money so that I can come here to buy strawberries, and I like it.”

I find this to be a very great way for children to maintain a healthy lifestyle as they get older. This prevents  them from being obese and teaches a healthy way to eat tasty and nutritious food.

These Oakland Fresh School Produce Markets are highly recommended. It is affordable, has many different varieties, and is also all organic and pesticide free! As I was about to leave, my  teacher had $6 and decided that she wanted new groceries. With $6, she managed to buy a carton of strawberries, a head of broccoli, a head of kale and a fresh cucumber and still had an extra dollar. As Ally handed my teacher her groceries, she said, “That’s a bag full of vitamins!”