Paint accident leaves clinic mural blank


Painted Over: The original Tiger Clinic mural was painted seven years ago, but was accidentally painted over this summer.

When students returned from summer break, they noticed a favorite mural was sick — the Tiger Clinic’s colorful walls had been painted over.

Among other drawings, the mural had included images of a Tiger doctor and a human doctor. It had “Health + Knowledge” and “Tiger Clinic” in detailed, artistic graffiti.

Most of the mural was accidentally painted over this summer and now it is just a large patch of gold and white paint with a little bit of the old mural still visible.

“People are actually coming in and asking about it,” said Health Educator Katie Riemer.

Riemer explained that the mural was originally painted during the summer of 2004.

But because the paint was fading and vandals had tagged it with grafitti, the clinic had made plans to touch it up over the summer.

That plan fell apart when the painters and the clinic staff realized that giving it a touch up was going to be hard to do, since the mural was seven years old.

So, the clinic and the painters agreed replace the mural with a new one.

“We were ready to go, but there was no design,” said Riemer.

Without knowledge that the plan was on hold, one of the painters painted over the mural with white paint.

Some students are unhappy about what has happened.

“I don’t like this look,” said Media Academy senior Matthew Phork.

Riemer said she is looking for students to help design a new mural.

Anyone interested in designing the mural can contact Riemer in the Tiger Clinic.