Q&A: Post-election reflection with senior Jaymee Vaughn


Q: How do you feel about the election results?

A: I feel that it’s bull**** but then again I have to live with it because we can’t change what’s already done.

Q: Who did you want to win the election?

A: I honestly wanted Bernie Sanders to win but he was no longer running. Hillary was my next choice.

24311159914_9d738083b7_hCaricature by: DonkeyHotey from Creative Commons

Q: What do you think Donald Trump is going to do now that he got elected as president?

A: Well, he told CNN he was going to deport three million immigrants. I believe he is going to stick to his word.

Q: Do you think Donald Trump will do what he promised? (Make America Great Again)

A: No. He is going to make it worse. There are riots already happening.

Q: How is he going to affect our community?

A: He’s going to affect our community because kids are walking out of school missing out on their education, rioting downtown burning up places. This is where we live. He is making us do this to our community.