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Mission Statement

Green & Gold Mission Statement

By the editorial staff 2016-2017

As the staff of the Green and Gold, we will report on our community with the shared values of Leadership, Safety, Culture, Respect, School Spirit, and Education.

  • We will uphold the value of SAFETY by maintaining strict anti-bully policies, valuing the space of others, both physically and emotionally, and keeping an open-minded and positive media environment.  
  • We will uphold the value of LEADERSHIP by stepping up to the plate and delivering stories to the best of our abilities, never acting less than who we are or compromising the vision of what we hold to be the values of the Fremont community.
  • We will uphold the value of EDUCATION by informing people about professional and internship opportunities, monitoring and bettering the educational situation, maintaining a space for educational opportunities on the site, and covering stories about resources that will motivate students to be involved in school.
  • We will uphold the value of SCHOOL SPIRIT by engaging with school programs and activities, reporting on campus events, and updating the Green and Gold site with important information about school spirit activities.
  • We will uphold the value of RESPECT by upholding the Code of reSPECT, by maintaining a high standard for the Fremont community and reporting accordingly, by accepting everyone for who they are, by not writing or posting inappropriate stories, and by communicating objectively and accurately about the student body and staff.
  • We will uphold the value of CULTURE by covering and respecting the diversity of religion, beliefs and traditions of the Fremont community.
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Mission Statement