District leaves Media students without key tool — the Internet


OLD SCHOOL Senior Enrique Mendoza does bookwork in his Web Design class on Sept. 2 because the school’s Internet is down. Principal Benjamin Schmookler informed staff that the district only said it will finish the job by Sept. 30.

Media Academy is a school that mostly relies on the Internet for its class assignments. However, this school year is starting out with some problems — the whole school’s Internet is down.

And Principal Benjamin Schmookler says it likely won’t be running again until Sept. 30.

As of right now no one is exactly clear why this happened, but there are some assumptions.

“From what I know, the District I.T. (Information Technology Department) is not finished updating a faster Internet connection for the school,” said Web Design teacher Richard Yacco. “My class depends on the Web. I am a week behind on schedule because I have to reproduce books and other works since the Internet is down.”

One source told the Green & Gold that the district decided to upgrade the wiring to make it faster, but that workers didn’t start the job until a week before school started.

The Green & Gold had hoped to launch its new online site this week with every student posting stories. However, the only way for www.mediagreenandgold.com to get its stories is for the adviser to post them at home.

“I am training students for 21st century newspaper jobs without the right tools,” said journalism adviser Lisa Shafer. “I am even more concerned that my seniors won’t be able to search for colleges or apply for the SAT or ACT because they don’t have access to the Internet.”