Teachers spike students — again!

Teachers spike students -- again!

FIERCE AT FREMONT Senior Gerardo Mujica strives for a ball hit by high-jumping teacher William David Williams during a rematch between Media Academy teachers and students on Sept. 18. The teachers dominated the game for the fourth consecutive time. Mujica, a Fremont soccer player, said after the game that he hopes the teachers will play soccer next time.

The Media Academy teachers were the victors of the famous  “Students vs. Teachers” volleyball game held at Media Academy on Sept. 18 during advisory.

The students have been playing the teachers for three years and the teachers have won every match.

On Friday, the students lost every game.

At one point in the game, Case Manager Eric DuBois spiked a ball over juniors Jorge Sanchez and Brandon Noble and the crowd went crazy.

“The students are not giving up,” said junior Fuey Saechao. “We are dedicated to winning one day.”