Students save lives at Fremont


Students saved lives by donating their blood to the Bay Area community.

Blood Centers of the Pacific came to Fremont Federation on Friday, Sept. 18, to have its community blood drive hosted by Media Academy. The other three schools at Fremont were invited for this event as well.

“Last year was hosted by Paul Robeson students,” said Wendy Theisen, account representative for Blood Center of the Pacific.

The blood drive was held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the school’s auditorium. This is the second year and third semester that the blood drive was held at Fremont.

The blood drive had over 30 students and teachers register but only succeeded with approximately 16 units of blood from 16 donors. 

The reason for that is because many of those who registered but were unable to give blood had low amounts of iron. The required amount of iron needed in the bloodstream is 38, and anyone with under 38 is ineligible to donate their blood, explained workers at the drive.

“Usually in high school, the girls menstruation can cause the lack of enough iron,” said one of the phlebotomist technicians.

There will be a follow-up blood drive in the spring of next year, so students can better prepare themselves to donate blood, if they choose to.