Freshman girl allegedly stabs freshman boy in class

A ninth-grade male student was stabbed allegedly by a ninth-grade female student during class at Fremont Federation on Dec. 3.

The male’s injuries were to the face and the torso, but they were not life threatening, according to news reports. He reportedly was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The two students were allegedly in a dispute during second period at Fremont’s Architecture Academy. Eyewitnesses said the male made fun of the girl’s weight and called her a derogatory term.

The girl allegedly grabbed a box cutter and stabbed the boy.  She was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, according to news reports.

Tiger Clinic officials who helped treat the student on the campus said they could not give out information because of student confidentiality.

News of the incident made the local newspapers and television and then also spread across the country. One student who attends another school on the Fremont Federation campus said she received a text message from a friend in Virginia who had heard the news and wondered if the campus was dangerous.