Students juiced about cafeteria smoothies

Students juiced about cafeteria smoothies

JAMBA JUICE workers visit Fremont Federation of High Schools on April 16 to give students a taste of what they will bring next year when the company opens up a campus store. Steadman Graham, longtime partner of Oprah Winfrey and a Jamba Juice spokesman, also joined in the ceremonies to announce the partnership between Oakland Unified School District and the popular smoothie restaurant. Photo by Katie Riemer

Students who crave Jamba Juice at lunch will no longer have to travel off campus to get it or be late back to class.

Jamba Juice is coming to  Fremont Federation of High Schools next year.

The Oakland Unified School District is looking for a healthier outlet for students, said Mandela Academy Robin Glover.

Jamba Juice and OUSD officials were expected to announce the partnership at an event in the courtyard on April 16.

“I love it,” said Glover about Jamba Juice.  “I think it’s great, it’s pratically a whole meal, and I think students will like it too.”

Jamba Juice organizers were expected to offer free samples of their smoothie shakes and juices at the event.

However, the smoothies will not be part of the free and reduced lunch program next year. Details of their cost were unavailable at press time.

However, the company has agreed to share profits with the cafeteria, said Cafeteria Manager Lawanna Wyatt.

Many students were thrilled to hear the news.

“I’m excited that it is coming to our school,” said Jose Luis Bautista, a junior at Mandela. “I think a lot of people will buy it. It’s healthy and has lots of natural fruits. It will be be good for students.”

Sophomore Cynthia Ruiz of Media Academy sees another benefit to the on-campus Jamba Juice.

“Now we don’t have to cut to get Jamba Juice,” she said.