API scores on the rise

Media Academy’s latest Academic Performance Index went up 20 points.

The results were released by the California Department of Education to the schools on Sept. 13.

Many people were elated that the school’s API went up from 600 to 620.

“I feel really good about the 20 points,” said sophomore Thomas Carlson. “Now we’re less likely to be shut down.”

The API is based on the California Standards Test and the California High School Exit Exam and can determine whether a school should stay open or should be shut down.

College Preparatory and Architecture Academy went up and scored a 606. Mandela’s score went down to a 537. Partly because of former Fremont’s Paul Robeson School of the Visual & Performing Arts’  low API scores, the district shut down the school in June 2010.

“It’s interesting that Media Academy has the highest API at Fremont, but we have the lowest enrollment of the three schools,” said teacher Lisa Shafer. “We clearly need to advertise our great school to a bigger audience.”