Media Academy electives coming 5MP

Media Academy electives coming 5MP

JAPANTOWN likely will be a field trip organized for students who choose Lisa Shafer’s Japanese elective during fifth marking period. Here, senior Jennifer Truong shows off some of her purchases made when she went to Japantown with Shafer on a field trip this fall.

Media Academy is looking forward to holding electives for the fifth marking period. Like the school has done for the last three years, students will be able to choose their own class. Their advisory class periods will be replaced with an elective for five weeks.

This year, all Media students will be included. Last year, students taking CAHSEE prep and seniors were not able to participate in electives.

Media Academy elective director Lisa Shafer says that electives allow teachers and students to take part in something they are interested in.

“We recognize that students feel that they don’t have a lot of choices in classes because this is Media and most of their electives center around media,” Shafer said. “[Electives are] a chance for students to explore other non-media classes.”

In the past, the choices of electives have included fashion, cross-stitching and frame painting.

Some teachers have already begun to brainstorm ideas for electives.

English teacher Candice Valenzuela might hold her yoga elective, which was successful last year. In addition, world history and government teacher Laima Haider would like to hold a debate elective.

History teacher Michael Jackson is thinking about having an elective about the history behind the music in the 1960s, including musicians like the Beatles and Jimmy Hendrix.

Shafer is hoping to hold a Japanese elective. “[It] offers kids a taste of another language.”

Shafer also sees electives as a chance for students to build community spirit and mix grade levels, something that would not happen as frequently on campus. “Freshmen and seniors can mix. It’s kind of cool.”

Students can expect to see a list of all the electives in mid-February.