Mock Congress to be held in January

Media Academy seniors and juniors will be part of the U.S. government—at least for two days.

Students will pretend to be part of the federal government. Seniors will pretend to be senators and present a bill they wrote in American Government. Juniors will act as the House of Representatives and decide whether or not the bills will pass “Congress.”

The Mock Congress will be held in Fremont’s auditorium on Jan. 6 and 7.

The Mock Congress was organized by Michael Jackson and Laima Haider, Media’s U.S. History and Government teachers.

“I believe [Congress] is an important part of government to understand,” said Haider.

Seniors worked in pairs to draft a piece of legislation. They will present their bill in January.

“I’m kind of scared because I don’t want to present in front of other people,” said Fuey Saechao, a senior.

The Mock Congress is an effort to impress the district and publicize the school.

Jackson and Haider think the Mock Congress will not only benefit the school’s image, but it will also help students in the long run.

“I want students to live their history. If students can experience what it’s like to make laws, they will be better voters, and better citizens,” said Jackson. “[And that] will make a better country.”