Students sneak out for food after school board closes Fremont campus

Students on the Fremont Federation of High Schools campus are sneaking out of school during lunch time, even though it’s a major rule that they’re breaking.  

Students, who are angry at a new “closed lunch” policy implemented by the school board this year, sneak out for lunch for various reasons.

 “Food is nasty,” said Media Academy senior Sergio Alvarado.

Even though the Fremont cafeteria added different lines with different foods this year to help serve the extra students it serves each day, some students prefer to skip school lunch and eat somewhere else.

“When we get out, we go to the Chinese food or Burger King,” said Media Academy senior Janet Hernandez.

Students say that it’s not hard to sneak out because there’s always a teacher leaving campus for lunch or there are workers coming in.  They say it’s actually harder to get back in than to get out.

“Students mostly sneak out when delivery trucks come in or when teachers leave gates open,” said security officer Noil Angelo.

Sneaking out for lunch is difficult for some students.

 “You have to go through the fence, or take time climbing over it,“ said Media Academy junior Ruliver Santos.

But for other students sneaking out is not that much of a problem. “Sneaking out for lunch is easy because no one is watching,” said junior Alejandro Vasquez.