Fremont’s ‘Friendly School’ sign disappears, thanks to unfriendly vandals

It had been in the courtyard since most teachers could remember, so when a sign bearing Fremont Federation’s old slogan “The Friendly School” was taken down a few months ago, it came as a surprise.

Some Fremont staff guessed incorrectly about why it was taken down since no official reason was given.

“I think it was because we’re not Fremont High School anymore,” said Media Academy case manager Eric Dubois. “We’re Media, Mandela Law Academy and CPAA. [The sign] was misinforming visitors.”

However, Principal Benjamin Schmookler of Media Academy said the sign, which had been up since he came to Fremont High School more than 10 years ago, had been removed for a more unfriendly reason.

“Somebody vandalized the sign and ripped a part of it down,” said Schmookler.

Schmookler doesn’t think the sign will be replaced.

Student Martreca West sees the sign being taken down as something negative for the school.

“People should know we’re a friendly school—taking it down gives a bad impression,” said West. “If you don’t know why it’s taken down, you think the school is trying to make a statement.”

Dubois thinks that although the sign seemed ironic to some, its statement held true.

“We are a friendly school, but people choose not to be friendly at times,” said DuBois.