Students ready for exit exam


FUELED FOR SUCCESS Media Academy student Jamil Brown enjoys breakfast provided by Tiger Clinic while he is taking is the English portion of the California High School Exit Examination on Feb. 1.

Fremont Federation of High Schools sophomores —and some upperclassmen—will try to get through one of the biggest obstacles of high school this week.

This big obstacle is known as the California High School Exit Examination, which contains two sections — an English part on Feb. 1 and a math part on Feb. 2.  Both of the exams are multiple choice, but the English part also contains an essay.

Many students at Media Academy are not worried about CAHSEE.

“I feel confident, I feel good about CAHSEE and I think that I am going to pass the both parts of the CAHSEE,” said Henry Jean-Philippe, a sophomore at Media Academy.

Students at Media Academy were required to study for CAHSEE in most of their classes.

“I feel that some students will do well in CAHSEE but all students can do well if they try,” said Sunny Chan, a math teacher at Media Academy.

Sonja Totten-Harris, an English teacher at Media Academy, said, “I am excited, I feel that everyone is going to do well and I feel that I am getting better at teaching CAHSEE stuff.”

On Tuesday, students at Media Academy received breakfast snacks before they started CAHSEE because breakfast “wakes up the brain,” according to health workers.

Granola bars, Clif bars and clementine oranges were all give to the students compliments of the Tiger Clinic and the Wellness Committee.