METS provides college information for students


Nicole Talaugon is a METS counselor.

The METS program is looking for new applicants.

The Mills College Educational Talent Search is a federally funded program in Fremont Federation of High Schools that provides help, so students can learn about college, look at their grades and credits, go on college tours, or get tutoring, among other things.

METS is looking for more students to join their program this upcoming semester. To join, students must submit a program application.

On Jan. 13, Nicole Talaugon, one of the peer advisors at METS, went to different classes to advertise the program of METS. 

METS will be hosting a competition between Media Academy’s advisories through mid-February to promote the METS program. The advisory that turns in the most METS applications before the deadline will win a pizza party.

The METS program needs more students to join the program for continued funding; otherwise this program could get cut from Fremont.

METS, which is located in the main office, organized a college tour to Sacramento State University and University of California, Davis on Jan. 28. Other trips will be announced soon. Anyone interested in a college field trip can get an application form the main office or an advisory teacher.