Four Loko banned, affecting some teens’ drinking habits

Four Loko banned, affecting some teens drinking habits

A well-known alcoholic energy drink consumed by some Fremont Federation of High School students has been banned by the government due to health concerns over the mixture of alcohol and caffeine.

The combination of alcohol and caffeine in a Four Loko equals the same amount in five shots of vodka – enough to make many of those who drink it black out.

The FDA ordered stores across America to remove Four Loko energy drink from their shelves on Dec 7.

A new version of it is set to come out, but it will be without caffeine. Four Loko manufacturers will remove some of the ingredients added in their product in order to prevent it from being banned, according to

Mixing alcohol and caffeine affects the absorption and metabolism functions of your body, which results with higher levels of caffeine inside your blood stream and the longer lasting effects of caffeine in the central nervous system, according to

A Fremont student who says she has consumed Four Loko thinks the ban is unnecessary.

“I think it should be for people who are of age,” said the senior at Media Academy.  She said that minors should not drink it because they “don’t know how to control their drinking.”

She herself is a minor and has decided not to drink Four Loko because of the health problems that could occur.

Another senior said she drank Four Loko before it was pulled off the shelf and that it gave her a bad hangover the first time she had a can. Still, she said, she continued drinking it because her body got used to it.

She might give it up for another reason though – she recently found out that each can contains 660 calories and may be responsible for some added pounds she has put on.