Class of 2011 play a senior prank on school

Class of 2011 play a senior prank on school

Gloria “Jack” Mejia-Cuellar

Turned over trash cans, “soiled” underwear and sticky floors.

This is what greeted Media Academy students on June 3 after a students vs. teachers
kickball game during advisory. (The underwear was not really soiled, it was just full of dirt). It was part of a senior prank organized by some students
in the class of 2011.

“I was absolutely disappointed,” said Spanish teacher Felicidad Guirao.

“Coming back from the gym I was happy. Students and teachers had had a good time. When I went up here and saw this mess I felt betrayed.”

Senior class president Juan Carlos Ramos denies organizing the prank.

“I didn’t organize this,” said Ramos.

All seniors were taken out of class during fifth period to clean the hallways.

Mr. Schmookler reportedly said that if seniors didn’t clean up the school, they would not graduate.

Many Media underclassmen were upset about the prank.

“I was kind of mad when I came in and saw the walls,” said senior Claudia Alvarez.

However, some students think the prank was exciting and a part of the high school experience.

“It ended off the school year with a bang,” said junior Matthew Phork. “Whoever’s mad is a stifler. It’s a senior prank; it’s been around for 300 years since mankind started.”

Ramos agrees that while senior pranks are the norm, this prank was upsetting.

“I believe that a senior prank in high school is a tradition, however, this prank got out of control and the execution was an epic fail,” said Ramos.

An anonymous senior who organized the prank doesn’t regret being involved.

“Last year I got the idea,” said the senior. “We had a lot of fun doing this.”

“Seniors are entitled to do something fun, [but] they have to think about the
consequences,” said English teacher Candice Valenzuela. “It’s sad that students are using condoms [in the prank]. They shouldn’t waste things they need.”

Condoms were littered in front of some classrooms.

Valenzuela thinks this year’s seniors were trying to outdo last year’s prank, when seniors toilet papered the school.

The prank has gotten some juniors thinking about the next senior pranks.

“Next year should be a surprise,” said Phork.