Hurst principal of Federation next school year

Hurst principal of Federation next school year

For the first time in its history, Fremont Federation of High Schools will have one principal. Starting next school year, current College Preparatory & Architecture Academy Principal Daniel Hurst will become Fremont’s only principal.

Media Academy Principal Benjamin Schmookler and Mandela Public Law and Service Academy Principal Robin Glover have both resigned from their jobs as principals. Glover has accepted a job with the district advising high school principals. Schmookler has accepted a job as vice principal of Oakland High

“Mr. Schmookler and Mrs. Glover accomplished incredible things at their schools, and I think they found some other opportunities to move on to. I believe that the reason I stayed is that I believe that this is the opportunity [for the school] to go from good to great,” said Hurst. “I feel very sad that my friends and colleagues will be leaving, but I feel that they will be moving on to do wonderful things.”

In addition to Hurst becoming principal next year, each school will have one assistant principal. Media’s assistant principal will be math and chemistry teacher Sarah Mazzotta. Mandela’s will be counselor Ana Vasquez and Architecture’s will be Vice Principal Emiliano Sanchez.
The district told Hurst of his new position in mid-May. Hurst informed his staff a few days later.

While some staff and students are worried about how the merging of the schools will affect them, some say next year won’t be much of a change.

“I don’t think it will be too much of a difference,” said Gi Le, an English and social studies teacher at CPAA. “Because even though we combine, we actually won’t have [as] many students total [like] when we were big Fremont before. I am sure there will be challenges [but] I don’t think the situation will be all that different.”
Hurst has a long history at Fremont.

He was living in San Francisco after he was out of college and found a job with University of California, Berkeley as an English tutor at Fremont High School. Hurst said his time tutoring inspired him to take up teaching as his career.
“The more I tutored the students, the more I realized how wonderful they are and the more I cared about them,” said Hurst. “I saw that their education was not as good as it could be; they were receiving a second class education and that simply wasn’t fair. So I went to school at night, got a teaching credential, and a job at Fremont High School.”
Hurst taught English at Fremont High School before becoming an administrator.
Hurst has been CPAA’s principal for eight years, since Fremont broke up into three schools.

According to Hurst, the vision of the new school is that students would be given as good of an education as anyone else in the country.
“[I want] a school of high expectations and support. All of the teachers and all of the adults expect that every one of our students is going on to a university and [a] career. We will work very hard to support them to do that,” said Hurst.

Earlier this year, Fremont focused on developing a green theme for the new school. Hurst confirmed that the school will have some element of sustainability.

Hurst said the focus of the large school will be to make students succeed and achieve their academic goals.
“The goal is to create a great school that serves the needs of all of our students, and if we serve and we meet the needs of all of our students and hold high expectations for them, everyone’s potential is maximized,” said Hurst. “If we do that, of course the kids will do better on all the tests and the API will go up.”
Students are optimistic about a large school with Hurst as principal.

“I think Mr. Hurst is very nice, kind, and easy to talk to. He cares about the students’ education,” said CPAA freshman Gadaha Nagi.