Mandela principal resigns; counselor to be school lead

Mandela principal resigns; counselor to be school lead

After serving as principal of Mandela Public Law and Service Academy, and being the co-designer and founder of the academy, Robin Glover has resigned and counselor Ana Vasquez will lead the school next year.

Glover was offered a job by the Oakland Unified School District to advise district high school principals. She will be working out of the network office located at 1025 Second Avenue.

Glover could have remained principal of Mandela in its last year as a small school in 2011-2012, but she refused the offer.

“If Mandela wasn’t closing, I wouldn’t have taken the position,” said Glover.

The three small schools at Fremont will merge in 2012-2013 back into one big school.

In 1989, Glover began teaching French at Fremont High School, a position she held for 14 years. Before coming to Fremont, she taught French at McClymonds High School for five years.

After 19 years of teaching, Glover moved up to become principal of Mandela Academy.

Glover said she decided to found Mandela because she thought it would be easier for students to focus in a small school.

“The biggest thing I will miss is the community, and along with that comes the spirit,” said Glover.

Glover discussed the biggest obstacle to her job.

“The budget is usually the problem, always a challenge,” said Glover.

However Glover said she was able to make the school a success.

Before deciding who would take her place, Glover said she made sure to talk to staff to make the transition smooth for the incoming school year.

Students like Mandela seniors Tanya Garcia believes that Vasquez will do a great job leading the school.

“She’s been here for a couple of years, and I think she is capable of taking over because she has experience,” said Garcia.

And senior Julio Madrigal agrees.

“I think the position is left in good hands,” said Madrigal.

Mandela teachers Patricia Arabia and and Khanh Nguyen said they believe that Glover was an amazing principal.

“She gives 100 percent of her time to her students, staff and student families,” said Arabia. “I don’t know how she does it.”

Nguyen commended Glover for her time in Mandela.

“She’s done great things for the Fremont Federation and she will be missed,” said Nguyen.